Detailed TraderUR review of the broker’s features and services

Detailed TraderUR review of the broker’s features and services


TraderUR is a newly established brokerage that has just entered the Forex trading market and already got the attention of traders worldwide. TraderUR Forex broker offers a good selection of trading assets including some currency pairs, some of the strongest cryptocurrency pairs and CFDs on commodities, stocks, and indices. The broker offers traders to trade on its own web-based platform which provides real-time market quotes and intuitive interface that makes it easier for the beginner traders. One of the most remarkable features of the broker is high, floating leverage and affordable minimum deposit. Seemingly, the broker is willing to provide traders with the necessary education on the trading related matters, as well as charts and news from the industry.

First impressions

The website of the broker creates an impression that the brokerage has a modern approach to the trading and is encouraging traders to learn more about trading and financial markets. While the design of the website might not be everybody’s cup of tea, the content and navigation truly rise the TraderUR rating. The navigation is very simple and intuitive making it easy for a visitor to find the information he or she needs. All kind of service and features that are provided by the broker is explained fully and in a very simple language. It makes trading with TraderUR especially good for the beginner traders. One of the advantages that one might find with TraderUR is educational content. The content for the mandatory knowledge is available for visitors such as Forex glossary, daily news, economic calendar or charts. The broker also offers e-books, videos, and courses, however, it is available for the registered users only. The broker also has a section for the Pro analysis, with the analysis blog and videos. Unfortunately, as the brokerage is new while making the TraderUR review some of the content was not available yet, hopefully, it will be soon uploaded and available for the website visitors. Last but not least, the broker offers webinars as well.

Account types

TraderUR offers four different types of accounts: Self-Manage, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. All of them have access to over 200 trading instruments, market reviews, and trading central research. Other than that, all of the account types have different features.

Self-Manage account: Self-manage is a standard account that can be used the best by the beginner traders, low-budget traders and for those who do not use sophisticated tools while trading. The minimum deposit is 250 EUR and traders can use the leverage up to 1:100. It is quite high leverage, at the same, it is the lowest maximum leverage that the broker offers amongst the other account types.
Gold account: TraderUR FX brokerage offers a gold account for more sophisticated traders. The minimum deposit for this account is already high: 10.000 EUR. The leverage is up to 1:200. It comes with many advantages compared to the standard self-manage account such as a dedicated account manager, trading bonus, special ventures, monthly webinars, and financial planning and risk management planning on demand.
Platinum account: This account is for the well-experienced traders mostly. One needs to deposit a minimum of 50,000 EUR to open this account. It has all the features of the gold account plus trading signals, private analyst session, priority withdrawal and weekly webinars. The leverage for this account is up to 1:300.
VIP account: VIP account cannot be opened by the traders and are subject to invitation only. The leverage for this account is up to 1:400. It has all the platinum account features plus invitations to the VIP events and unlimited access to the webinars.

The accounts are nicely designed as it considers the needs of different kind of traders and provides the features that can be used by various types of traders with different levels of experience and knowledge. The fact that the broker also offers a different kind of assistance for every account types creates a very positive TraderUR opinion.

TraderUR withdrawal

The broker provides full information about how the profits can be withdrawn and what are the required documents for withdrawal. The payment methods that can be used for depositing and withdrawal are rather traditional, one can use credit/debit card and wire transfer. However, the broker also allows for Bitcoin deposits. The traders are only allowed to withdraw the money with the same payment method which they have used for depositing the money. The minimum amount one can withdraw is only 30 EUR/USD/GBP and the maximum is 300 EUR/USD/GBP. The bad thing about TraderUR withdrawal is the fee. However, it is quite low and is only 1% of the amount withdrawn.

Is TraderUR legit?

The main concern with the new brokerages is trust issues. Today, when there are a lot of scam brokerages it is hard to find a trustworthy broker. Fortunately, TraderUR scam is not the real case to be worried about. The broker is very transparent and provides full information. The broker does not try to convince any of the visitors with the promises and various offering, instead, it encourages traders to get an education with the various tools. Overall, the broker is offering the services which every kind of trader will find interesting and helpful according to their trading requirements and goals.